Are you a human poet, editor, or publisher?

We pledge a moral code amongst poets, editors, and publishers to ensure that the content we write, edit, and publish is created by human beings.

We ask for transparency in the originator of a text and how it was produced.

We do not oppose the use of computers, but ask for the likes of ChatGPT produced content to have explicit note to be AI generated.

Art should not be disconnected from the soul.

Contact us to pledge: [email protected]

Dimitri Kaufman, Editor of The Decadent Review
C.B. Wamble, Editor of Cruellest Month
Eric v.d. Luft, Ph.D., M.L.S. Owner, Gegensatz Press
Zane Perdue, Author and Critic
Kimmo Rosenthal, Writer, Essayist, Poet, and Mathematician
Devon Balwit, Poet and Essayist
John E. O'Hara aka John E. WordSlinger, Founder of the Poetry Train